Local History Articles


The Bathgate Baker's Boy who Changed the World

Konect West Lothian editions March 2016

Redhall Castle and House

Konect Colinton edition June 2017

John Newland Festival and Bathgate Procession

Konect Bathate edition May 2014


Pumpherston: From grime to golf

Konect Livingston and Calders April 2013

The Killing Time

Konect Calders and Balerno August 2014

Lennox Tower

Konect Balerno August 2013 

Balerno Mill - and Daniel Home

Konect Balerno April 2013 

Henry Bell, Torphichen's unsung hero

Konect Bathgate, Oct 2013 

The Laird of Livingston's Legacy

Konect Livingston & Calders, June 2012 

Pumpherston's Empire

Konect Calders September 2011

The Deans Century

Konect Livingston September 2011

Benefits Cuts - How West Calder reacted

Konect Livingston & Calders, February 2013 

 Iron Age Hill Fort at Kaimes Hill
Konect Calders and Balerno August 2012

Hare Hill Crash

Konect Balerno November 2011 

Livingston Mill

Konect Livingston August 2011 

Irish immigrants

Konect March 2011

The Making of the Supper

Balerno edn Dec 2010/Jan 2011 

Castles of the Calders

Konect Calders Aug 2010

Kirknewton Play

Calders edn, June 2010 


 Westwood House

Calders edn, March 2010

West Calder's Gunpowder Plot

West Calder edn Dec 2009 

A Visit to Old Mid Calder 

Calders edn, Nov 2009


Calders edition, August 2009 

Cauther: the Land of Hard Waters

Konect Calders Feb 2011 

The Balerno Loop

Balerno edn, Nov 2010 

Calders Soldiers 1914 - 1918

Konect Calders Nov 2010 

The Secret Past of Baberton House

Konect Balerno Sept 2010 

We Strive and We Rise

Calders edn, April 2010

We Strive and We Rise

Some like it Cauld!

Calders edn, Feb 2010

Street Names - an historical pot pourri

Calder edn Dec 2009/Jan 2010 

The Vanished Village of Oakbank

Calders edn, Oct 2009 

West Lothian's Last Witch?

Calders edn, May 2009