Handy with a camera? Want your photos published?

We're always happy to consider photo submissions for front covers of Konect and The Dell Directory.

We like pictures that promote the local area and the contents of the magazine, and that also are attractive to look at :)

Here are the parameters:


local landmarks; local architecture; local events (such as pictures from galas); seasonal themes (such as autumal landscapes; street floral displays, local christmas decorations etc); photos taken at local visitor attractions.

A close up of a person or item has more impact than a broad landscape. Find a single main focus for the photo, rather than a general view of the event or place.

"Local" refers to anywhere in the Konect distribution area of West Lothian and West Edinburgh, see http://www.konectdirectory.co.uk/distribution.php


Portrait format, with suitable area at the top for the magazine masthead, which will be in solid white over the photo.

Suitable area at the bottom for the cover text, which will be in solid white over the photo, so no critical focus or detail at the bottom.

Minimum resolution of 300dpi

For photos of children, parental permission must be obtained.


We carry the photographer attribution that you provide on page 3 of the magazine

Please send photos to editor@konectdirectory.co.uk